Closed Circuit Television

You can only keep an honest man out, but you can catch them trying to get in.

CCTV systems are something that people dont think about until they wish they had one. I make custom CCTV systems for clients made up of lastest hardware on the market.

Single Camera Installs

The plain Jane setup which most people it might be enough for, a camera or two locally recording to micro sd cards, wired to the internet for app based notification, live playback and replay.

Multiple Camera NVR Installs

The most popular install with a 4/8/16/32 channel network video recorder. Multiple cameras and central recording on the NVR to redundancy setup hard drives. With the same app based notifications live playback and replay, but with added features such as cloud back up and being able to have the cameras linked to a screen for ease of playback or viewing at a glance.

Camera Array Recording PC and Off Site Backup

For the bigger installations of multiple camera locations over a larger site, due to the large amounts of data being captured a powerful PC is required to run recording software, this can be then cloud backed up and also streamed across the network to other screens around site and externally from the network if required.