Electrical  All Rounder

Synopsis of Experience

Growing into the Electrical Industry I became familiar with many field of work but due to my childhood background of technology and  electronics; this has meant that I can do the job that previously and is mostly done by multiple people.


All wiring in the general public dwellings is taken on from just adding of sockets and changing of fascia plates. To complete rewires  and new heating systems.


Work in small to large shops and business premises can be done with all the correct professional procedures to the clients requirements. 


Agricultural work is very much not talked about often but require more electrical work than most shops due to the nature of working late and early. Looking after of livestock is becoming an ever growing task and anything that needs carrying out usually involves power. Ag work is enlsited with priorities for breakdowns and emergencies


Heavy duty work with big armoured SWA, large containment systems, high current applications, control panels is all done. Experience from large factories to quarries.

Do everything to the best of my ability

I always apply myself to the job at hand and work hard to get the desired results. Even if as below sometimes I end up in the S*** literally
I take great pride in my work and what I do so rest assured what I do will be of the highest standard.