THE Internet era

Everyone is online but not everyone has a good connection

Networking systems from re configuring old systems that dont work to new installs with CAT5/6/7 points, Non ISP routers with independent trustworthy firewalls. 

Access points

Installation of new access points round the house or whatever environment needed to improve signal and throughput of all internet activities, albeit for gaming or working from home.


Wireless outdoor interlinks between multiple buildings not connected by cables to then go to wired application or to even act as a complete separate network. As long as there’s a clear line of sight you can make a link. With speeds up to the same speed as a cable over WiFi most scenarios the link will be quicker than the inbound connection from your ISP 

Outdoor Applications

Need internet outside for a campsite, WiFi cameras, lighting in the garden or just extra coverage to a man shed. Access points with antennas can be installed to improve coverage for car parks to family patios for BBQ’s

Third party Router 

Some people like to take control of there browsing and with a third party router you have more flexibility of customising your network to your liking and I can set that up. From Dynamic DNS services, DHCP servers, custom firewalls and running of proxys to protect your browsing information and location.